I love to connect
to your space! 

All digital art I create 

is done by mine finger.
Inspired by Hungarian 

Culture & History. 

About Us



 I love the Hungarian culture, history , food,  people and so much more.  One lifetime is not a enough to learn all about it. Once you experience  the Hungarian way of thinking, acting and celebrating you will be drown to  it like magic. Your soul will be filled with love, peace and power.

Exciting News

Grand Opening, you are invited to Rovas Digital Art Creator

My first grand opening with ROVAS Digital Art Creation gallery is comming up soon.

Look out for details or call me on +61400940293

The Univers is the ulimate Art



I will be demonstrating my drawing technique on big screen and you could be inspired by it to do it your self. 

All visitors can nominate on the day one  Rovas Digital Art as there choice of image. The winning image will be  auctioned for the highest value and the money Donated to the Szememfénye Alapitvány in Hungary. The second mostly liked image will be in the draw for raffle and the third Image will be donated to Gold Coast University Hospital, Children's deportment.

Video Gallery

Check out this great video